Mindful water habits start now

Water plays an essential role in our day to day lives.

We rely on water for everyday things like hand washing, cleaning and drinking through to recovery efforts following extreme events like bushfires and floods. To many, our water supply may seem abundant, but water is not a limitless resource. 

Whether it’s wet or dry, setting ourselves up to practice water efficient habits and behaviours is important now. Mindful Water Habits Start Now!

Why should we be mindful of our water consumption?

The water that comes through our taps, services our homes, and supports our businesses is sourced from our local environment, from the land of the Widjabul Wia-bal people. Our water is sourced from our catchments and areas of ancient rainforest. Our water is not limitless. 

Our drinking water is treated, transported and supplied to us, a process that requires energy and emissions. So, in being mindful of your water consumption we not only save water but also reduce our environmental footprint.

A changing climate along with population pressures means without conservation efforts, this vital supply of water may be exhausted.

The benefits of conserving water now

  • Reduce energy and emissions.
  • Reduce wastewater.
  • Save on your water bills.
  • Reduce your environmental footprint.

Mindful water habits, what can you do?

Read our informative little e-book, Mindful Water Habits Start Now!


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