Water savings and restrictions

Level 1 water restrictions will be activated when Rocky Creek Dam reaches 70%

Current capacity as at ( ):  .

Water restrictions will be activated when Rocky Creek Dam reaches 70% to help sustain our region’s water supply for longer and delay the onset of more severe restrictions.

Level 1 water restrictions will apply to the council areas of Ballina, Byron (excluding Mullumbimby), Lismore (excluding Nimbin), and Richmond Valley. 

With a dry summer coming up very soon, it is important that as a community we are all mindful of our water use so we can save our supply for as long as possible.

Level 1 water restrictions will focus on residential outdoor water use. Click here to view what the level 1 water restrictions will be when activated.

Permanent conservation measures include:

  • Water outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon, between 6.00am and 10.00am or between 3.00pm and 10.00pm.
  • Use hand-held hoses that are fitted with an on/off trigger nozzle. 
  • Clean vehicles and boats on your lawn using a hose fitted with an on/off nozzle; and  
  • Don’t use water to clean driveways, paths or paved areas, except for health and/or safety reasons or when using a high-pressure cleaner.  



Future Water Project 2060

We are working to ensure the Northern Rivers has a secure and resilient water supply to meet the community’s needs through our Future Water Project 2060. A new Project Update is available that provides an overview of the work that is underway on each of the key projects. The information outlines both short-term actions and the longer-term investigations taking place to secure water to 2060 and beyond.