Understanding your water account

If you are a Rous County Council customer, Rous County Council reads your water meter and issues your water account every three (3) months. If your water supply is through your local constituent council (such as Lismore City Council or Ballina Shire Council), please contact your council for any billing or other enquiries regarding your water supply.

Your water account displays the property details, your water meter number, the previous and current readings, the period the reading covers and the total number of kilolitres consumed during that period.

Terms and conditions for water supply: Things you need to know - water service connection with Rous County Council


  1. Property number is a unique number that identifies a particular lot and deposited plan that is supplied by Rous County Council.
  2. Tax invoice issued date is the date that the water account was produced at our office.
  3. Due date is the date by which you are required to pay your water account. If you are having trouble paying your water account, please contact us to discuss payment options.
  4. Amount due is the total amount due for this water account.
  5. Water use graph displays your water usage over the past five water meter reading periods.
  6. Property details include the address where the water is supplied and the lot and deposited plan (DP) number as well as the parish. If you think the property details are incorrect, please call the water billing team on 02 6623 3800.
  7. Message section is where council will communicate additional messages or community notices.
  8. Period of supply shows the period the water usage on the account relates to.
  9. Charge details section is where the:
    1. balance brought forward will show overdue payments as a debit amount or payments made in advance as a credit amount,
    2. the number of kilolitres used and applicable price per kilolitre, and
    3. the number of days in the reading period and the daily rate of the facility charge.
  10. Meter number is the unique water meter number that we use to match to the property that is supplied with water.
  11. Pension rebate credit amount or a message advising that the pension rebate has previously been fully applied will appear in this area.
  12. Previous reading is the water meter reading that was taken prior to the current reading.
  13. Current reading is the water meter reading taken this read period.
  14. Total is the total amount due for this water account.
  15. How to pay section lists all payment options available, including direct debit from your bank account.
  16. Payment barcode is for use when paying your account in-store at Australia Post of when using the AusPost app on your mobile device.