Sustainable Water Partner Program

Rous County Council would like to recognise and thank our business partners for their ongoing contribution towards efficient water use:

The Sustainable Water Partner Program can support your business to optimise your water consumption and reduce your footprint on our region's water supply. 

We know that water is essential for many in our local business community so, by working together, we aim to assist businesses to not waste water and, where possible, save or reduce its use. 

By focusing on how your business can most efficiently use water, your business can:

  • improve water savings
  • save money by reducing your water, sewage, liquid trade waste and energy bills
  • receive recognition for your sustainability achievements.

There are three steps in the Sustainable Water Partner Program:

Step 1 Improve monitoring, leak detection and visibility of your water consumption. We will assist you to identify water efficiency opportunities and projects through specialist advice or through a water efficiency plan. We will support your business with these activities.
* Water from a Rous County Council supply.
  The benefits of a water efficiency plan
Information gathering and a site assessment will help you to understand where and how your business is using water and if / where leakage is occurring. From here, we will assist you to identify and prioritise cost-effective water efficiency projects to save your business money. The size, scale and complexity of your operations will determine how we deliver advice and prepare any planning.
For more information, download the Water Efficiency Plan fact sheet.
Step 2 Implement your water efficiency projects and save money. You may be eligible for a water efficiency rebate.
  Implementing change and water efficiency projects
We offer financial assistance to help your business to implement a range of water efficiency projects. Rebate(s) up to $15,000 per business are available in any one financial year. Terms and conditions apply.
Step 3 Become a sustainable water partner and have your achievements recognised.
  Recognising our sustainable water partners
We believe that your business deserves to be acknowledged for your water efficiency achievements. The Sustainable Water Partner Program offers you a customisable recognition program to celebrate your success in a way that brings the most benefit for your business. You can select from a range of options to receive recognition for your water efficiency efforts.

See the Sustainable Water Partner Program fact sheet.

For more information, contact our Water Sustainability Officer on (02) 6623 3800 or

A Rous County Council Initiative in partnership with Ballina Shire Council, Lismore City Council, Richmond Valley Council and Byron Shire Council.