Future Water Strategy 2014 (historic)

The Future Water Strategy was adopted in 2014 and was the precursor for the Future Water Project 2060 (FWP2060).

Technical studies and investigations from the 2014 strategy worked to inform the FWP2060, which is today delivering new water sources needed to secure water to meet the long-term needs of our constituent councils and their communities.


The historic strategy concluded that Rous’s regional bulk water sources could meet demand for the short to medium term. However, to maintain a sustainable long-term water supply for the region, the strategy recommended key actions to guide water planning and infrastructure development over future decades. It determined that by the mid-2020, demand for water was expected to match what existing water sources could reliably supply. By 2060, demand was expected to exceed the reliable supply by 6,500 megalitres per day, or approximately half of the then secure supply.

The strategy recommended further steps to investigate increased use of groundwater, understand the suitability of water re-use as an additional water source, as well as continuing demand management and water efficiency. It also recommended to pause the Dunoon Dam proposal until groundwater and water re-use supply options were better understood.

What was achieved?

In line with the recommendations, Rous adopted and implemented an enhanced Demand Management Plan, and continues to develop, review and implement its Demand Management Plan. Our latest plan can be found here.

In addition, detailed investigations to identify and assess groundwater opportunities were undertaken. Those investigations into the increased use of groundwater have contributed to the development of the FWP2060.

Historical documents

2014 Future Water Strategy
Groundwater investigations
Dunoon Dam investigations
Demand Management
Supporting Investigations