Future Water Project technical studies

The following reports have been undertaken as part of the Future Water Project’s recommended investigations into water source options to augment the current bulk supply in the region. 

Rous County Council Bulk Water Supply - Demand Forecast 2020 - 2060  [PDF 9MB] Hydrosphere Consulting Pty Ltd (2020)

Future Water Strategy: Groundwater Schemes and Whole of Life Cycle Costings – Report B [PDF 448KB] Jacobs (2020)

Rous County Council: Desalination Investigation [PDF 14.2MB] GANDEN Pty Ltd (2020)

Preliminary Feasibility Report: Investigation of Water Reuse as an Additional Water Source [PDF 37MB] City Water Technology Pty Ltd (2020)

Rous County Council: Future Water Strategy: Coarse Screening Assessment of Options [PDF 700KB] Hydrosphere Consulting Pty Ltd (2020)

Proposed Dunoon Dam - Preliminary Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment for Rous Water [Redacted PDF 18MB] Ainsworth Heritage (May 2013)

Rous Country Council (RCC) Future Water Project 2060 IWCM Strategy [PDF 400KB] NSW Department of Planning and Environment (2022)