Water treatment

Rous County Council operates two Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) to filter and treat the water from our dam and river sources: the Nightcap WTP and Emigrant Creek WTP.

Nightcap Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Water from Rocky Creek Dam and the Wilsons River Source is treated at the Nightcap WTP. The plant is situated beside Rocky Creek Dam, 200 metres above sea level in the Nightcap Range. Water from the Wilsons River does not enter Rocky Creek Dam but is piped separately into the plant.

Nightcap WTP was built in 1994 with major upgrades in 2000, 2006 and 2008. The plant utilises conventional processes together with advanced ozone and activated carbon treatment. It has a current capacity of 70 mega litres per day with provision to upgrade to 100 mega litres per day if required in the future.

Emigrant Creek Dam Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

The Emigrant Creek Dam WTP was constructed in 2005 to treat the water from neighbouring Emigrant Creek Dam and replaced the Knockrow filtration plant. The plant utilises membrane filtration technology together with advanced ozone and activated carbon treatment. It can process up to 7.5 mega litres per day and supplements water from Nightcap WTP to supply the Lennox Head and Ballina areas.

More information

For more information on the treatment processes and chemicals used at both the Nightcap Treatment Plant, and the Emigrant Creek Dam Treatment Plant, please see the below information sheets:

Nightcap Water Treatment Plant treatment process
Emigrant Creek Dam treatment process
Chemicals used by Rous County Council in the water treatment process