Tenders and Expressions of Interest


Expressions of interest invited

Rous County Council is inviting individuals or businesses to express their interest in taking possession of the equipment listed below. Interested parties will be responsible for the safe and timely removal at their expense and are encouraged to provide the price and details they are willing to pay for the equipment.

Closing date: Wednesday, 24/04/2024, 6.00pm. Further details in the following lists.

List A: Furniture, trolleys, racks, packing items, tractor, trailer, mechanical equipment.

List B: Lights, aircon units, electric doors.



Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Rous County Council, the following Purchase Order Standard Terms provide the contractual conditions that apply when a vendor supplies Goods or provides Services to us.

Purchase Order Standard Terms as at 5 March 2020 (Current)

Our tender activities are listed with Tenderlink and are available here: www.tenderlink.com/rous.

It is recommended that you register your interest in our tender activities.

By doing so, you will be able to access tender documents and also receive relevant notifications based on the information you provide.

To simply view the tenders currently available, click on the link above and select 'All current notices' from the top menu.

Pending and awarded tenders