Smart Water Meter and Backflow Prevention Device Project


Commencing in September 2023, we will be installing new ‘digital smart water meters’ for the majority of our existing 2,132 direct water customers. A small number of customers will have their new digital smart water meter installed earlier than that, and we will be in contact with those customers separately.

Smart water meters are a modern, digital way to record the use of water. Unlike traditional water meters that are read manually on a quarterly basis, smart meters use wireless technology to remotely record water usage in real time. Smart meters will enable our customers to better understand their water use by providing more detailed information. They also provide for more accurate billing and help with the early detection of leaks, saving water and money. 

Some properties have also been identified as requiring the installation of a backflow prevention device, and correspondence to the affected customers will detail what that means for you and your property. 

The following list of Frequently Asked Questions has been developed to provide you with information regarding both smart water meters and backflow prevention devices, and will be updated as the project progresses.