Regional Demand Management Plan

This Regional Demand Management Plan (RDMP) describes the water supply demand management initiatives to be implemented in the local government areas (LGAs) of Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Richmond Valley over the next four years (2019 – 2022). Water demand management in this region is undertaken to support and maintain an effective, flexible and adaptable approach to efficient water use and water supply security. The aim of the RDMP is to implement economically, socially and environmentally sound measures to achieve defined outcomes in water efficiency and conservation, alternative water sources and water loss minimisation over the long term.

The overall goals for demand management in the region are:

  • Responsible and efficient water use;
  • Overall reduction in demand;
  • Water losses from council infrastructure are reduced to sustainable levels;
  • Investment in new sources is minimised/deferred as much as possible;
  • Maximum value is leveraged from past demand management initiatives;
  • Innovative measures to achieve water efficiency are implemented; and
  • Effective mechanisms are in place to monitor, report and evaluate the success of the demand
  • management initiatives.

To achieve these goals, the RDMP actions will:

  • Build on previous demand management actions to implement successful measures and collect accurate and consistent demand data;
  • Promote increased use of water efficient products and implementation of water conservation projects;
  • Promote increased use of sustainable alternative supplies to reduce demand on the potable water supplies;
  • Reduce demand attributed to water losses and leakage;
  • Continue to further develop the region’s water conservation culture to stimulate the community, particularly high water users, to take action; and
  • Continue to develop more comprehensive understanding of water demand trends to inform demand management planning through reporting, monitoring and evaluation and alignment with best practice guidelines.