Rainwater tanks: residential rebate program

The Rous County Council Rainwater Tank Rebate Program is available to eligible residential town water customers in the Rous region who wish to reduce their consumption of town water by installing a rainwater tank.

What do I need to know before deciding to purchase and install a new rainwater tank?

Guidelines have been developed in partnership with each of the four councils within the Rous County Council supply area.

Guide to installing a rainwater tank in Ballina Shire Council
Guide to installing a rainwater tank in Byron Shire Council
Guide to installing a rainwater tank in Lismore City Council
Guide to installing a rainwater tank in Richmond Valley Council

Am I eligible for a rebate?

To be eligible, the tank must meet the program Terms and Conditions including, but not limited to:

  • The property is currently connected to the town water supply in the Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Richmond Valley local government areas.
  • The rainwater tanks must be installed and completed, and paid for between 01 June 2022 and 30 June 2023.
  • For new homes and major renovations, any tank volume or internal connection required by BASIX will not be eligible for a rebate. Tank volumes or internal connections not required by BASIX may be eligible.
  • The rainwater tank must have a minimum volume of 2,000 litres.
  • Properties that have previously received rebates from Rous County Council may not be eligible.

Download the rainwater tank rebate application form. Please ensure you read all of the program Terms and Conditions on the application form to ensure you are eligible.

How to apply for a rebate

To apply for the tank rebate, please complete the application form and send it to Rous County Council. Please ensure that you read the information carefully, fill in the application form fully and provide all requested information.

How much is the rebate?

Rous County Council offers three levels of rebate, based in the first instance on the tank volume. Additional rebates are available if rainwater from the tank is supplied for flushing toilets and/or to the washing machine. See tables below for details of the rebates offered.

For rainwater tanks purchased and installed ON or AFTER 1 July 2021

Rebate Level Tank Volume (litres) Rebate
1 2,000 to 4,499 $200
2 4,500 to 8,999 $800
3 9,000 or more $1,000
Plus If all toilets are connected to the rainwater tank $620
Plus If washing machine is connected to the rainwater tank $550


Need help?

Please contact Council on (02) 6623 3800 or council@rous.nsw.gov.au

You can also click here to view a list of frequently asked questions.

NSW Health provides advice on the use of water from rainwater tanks, water quality considerations and maintenance of tanks.  You can find further information on the NSW Health website here.