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Weed identification sites
Australian Government: Weeds in Australia identification tool
NSW WeedWise
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Download the photo recognition app: PlantSnap


Other useful fact sheets
Bamboo (fast spreading / running)
Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) (Control manual compiled by Janet Townsend)
Control techniques using herbicides
Giant rat's tail grass and other weedy Sporobolus species
Giant rat's tail grass and Giant Parramatta grass (Weedy sporobolus) best practice management
Machinery and vehicle washdown checklist
Poisonous plants
Prickly pear cacti (various groups)
Priority Weed Quick Guide


External links
Australian Government: Weeds in Australia
Biosecurity Act 2015
Biosecurity Act 2015 factsheets
Biosecurity Regulation 2017
Biosecurity Regulation 2017 - Weeds
Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)
Landcare Australia
Local Land Services
North Coast Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan
Northern Landcare Support Services
NSW Biosecurity and Food Safety Strategy
NSW Department of Primary Industries – Weeds
NSW Department of Planning and Environment
NSW Invasive Species Plan
NSW Weeds Action Program
PlantNET – NSW Flora online