Legal obligations as landholders

Weeds - a shared responsibility

Every homeowner, landowner, occupier or person(s) leasing or renting properties must be aware of their obligations to control weeds. The Biosecurity Act 2015 does not discriminate between rural or residential properties; nor between landholders who utilise their property for agricultural or recreational purposes.

All occupiers of land must manage weeds. The person who has the care, control and use of the land is the occupier and is responsible for the control of weeds according to Council's local weed management plan. Owner/occupiers of land may also have weed control responsibilities on adjacent watercourses, roads or lanes if there is no fence delineating the boundary. Landholders can consult the Biosecurity Act 2015 or enquire at their local Council office to determine any additional responsibilities.

A landholder who fails to control priority weeds as required by local and regional strategic weed management plans may be liable for heavy penalties.

Biosecurity Act 2015

North Coast Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan

Department of Primary Industries - Biosecurity Legislation

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