Drought Management Plan

 The Drought Management Plan aims to provide a consistent restriction regime for all water supplies across the Rous County Council supply region incorporating Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Richmond Valley Local Government Areas (LGAs).

The primary objective of this Drought Management Plan is to ensure continued water supply during drought conditions in order to meet water user, public health and firefighting needs.

This Plan aims to:

  • Ensure a robust, timely, efficient and affordable response to drought;
  • Facilitate the application of restrictions at a regional level and also at a local level for council-operated water supplies;
  • Provide a clear water restriction regime for all water users; and
  • Reduce the impact of water extraction on the available resource and other water users while minimising disruption to customers.

Operational objectives relate to maintaining water supples in preparation for drought as well as the actual implementation of drought measures during a drought.  The operational objectives are:

  • Provide an action plan that will ensure operational readiness;
  • Ensure regular monitoring of water resource information, climatic conditions and seasonal forecasts;
  • Ensure the introduction of water restrictions is well-considered and planned;
  • Implement drought management actions at defined trigger points;
  • Ensure clear communication to the public and visitors regarding water restrictions and access to information;
  • Ensure that operating and managerial staff have a clear understanding of the operating procedures outlined in this plan;
  • Ensure customers and other stakeholders are aware of the requirements of the plan; and
  • Continually review the effectiveness of the drought management procedures within this plan, while considering alternative measures that may be more effective.