Council policies

Council has adopted a number of policies that provide the Council and staff with guidelines over a range of issues.

Note: Far North Coast Weeds and Richmond River County Council policies existed prior to the merging of the three councils and are currently under review.

Rous County Council Former Far North Coast Weeds Former Richmond River County Council
Asset capitalisation Code of Conduct Code of Conduct
Asset management Code of Conduct procedures Code of Conduct procedures
Bulk water supply Designated persons Delegates to floodplain management
Backflow prevention and cross connection Job redesign Designated persons
Chairperson and member fees Local weed management plans Ecologically sustainable development
Classification of land Motor vehicle agreement Floodgate and drainage management guidelines
Code of Conduct Procurement Floodgate and drainage management guidelines policy
Code of Conduct procedures Recognition of staff service Procurement
Community sponsorships and donations Removal of noxious weeds - trees Review of salary system
  Risk management Reward for information
Designated persons Salary system Risk management
Drinking Water Quality Staff expenses  
Dunoon catchment Telephone reimbursement  
Easement creation    
Environmental policy    
Equal employment opportunity    
Feedback and Complaints Handling    
Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)    
Fraud control    
Headworks charges    
Interview and relocation expenses    
Media interaction    
Nine-day fortnight    
On-site wastewater management in water supply catchments    
Payment of expenses and provision of facilities for chairperson and councillors    
Pensioner concession (see guidelines below)    
Pensioner concession guidelines    
Policy and procedure development    
Privacy management
For more information about privacy please visit the Information and Privacy Commission New South Wales website at
Private recreation, community events and commercial use on operational land    
Private recreation, community events and commercial use on land not owned by Rous Water - RCD catchment    
Protection of water catchment areas and recharge area impacted by Pacific Highway upgrades    
Public access to Council information    
Public Interest Disclosures
For more information about public interest disclosures please visit the NSW Ombudsman's website at
Rebate to community organisations    
Records management    
Related party disclosure    
Representation of elected councillors    
Retail water customers' account assistance (see Guidelines below)    
Retail water customers' account assistance guidelines    
Risk management    
Rural consumers    
Salary system    
Staff uniforms (office-based staff)    
Testing water meters    
Water cycle management    
Work Health and Safety    
Workplace surveillance