Business activities

Council owns and operates a small number of assets which supplements income to meet water activity goals. The strategy for each component of the portfolio is regularly reviewed to ensure returns are optimised and make a positive contribution to revenue. The various components are:

Commercial properties

Council owns two commercial properties in the Lismore CBD which are leased to business entities to obtain a commercial return.

These properties are:
-  Cnr Conway and Carrington Street
-  20 Conway Street
In addition, Council is the head lessee of the Rous County Council Administration Centre, 218-232 Molesworth Street, which accommodates Rous County Council headquarters and also provides commercial leasing revenue from non-Council occupied space.

Real Estate

Perradenya Estate is Rous County Council's residential housing development, based on the principles of environmental sustainability - principally water recycling. Situated at Caniaba, 7km west of Lismore, it has been designed as an ecologically sustainable settlement and an eco-village of energy efficient housing and facilities. On completion, Perradenya will consist of up to 170 residential dwellings and will connect to education and employment centres through public transport services. Rous County Council’s commitment to environmental and community sustainability led to the development of infrastructure such as community walking and cycling access and substantial active and passive community recreation areas, including the Adam Gilchrist sports oval and clubhouse, tennis courts, basketball courts and skate ramp.
Please refer enquiries to Council's Manager Corporate and Commercial.