Billing and your water meter


Water meter replacement

If Rous replaces the water meter that supplies your property during the quarter, then a water account will be issued after the water meter is replaced, therefore you may receive two water accounts during the one quarter.

The first water account issued will be for water consumption and facility charges up to the date the water meter was replaced, and the second will be for the water consumption and facility charges on the new water meter for the balance of the quarter.

Rous cannot read your water meter

We may not be able to read the water meter if it is:

  • behind a locked gate
  • buried under concrete or dirt
  • hidden by trees, plants, grass, or mulch
  • unsafe to enter the property, e.g., there is a dog.

If our staff cannot access the water meter, your water consumption will be estimated based on your past water consumption history. A letter will be issued to advise why your water consumption was estimated.