Our councillors

The elected Council is made up of eight councillors with two nominated from each of the constituent councils (Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Richmond Valley). Councillors are elected for a 4-year term with the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson being elected each year by the councillors.
The annual election of Chair and Deputy Chair was held at the 20 September 2017 Council meeting with Cr Keith Williams (Ballina Shire Council) elected Chair and Cr Vanessa Ekins (Lismore City Council) elected Deputy Chair.
Our current Councillors and their individual contact details can be found below.
Cr Sharon Cadwallader - Ballina Shire Council nominee
Phone:  (02) 6681 5013
Mobile:  0413 091 440
Email:  sharon.cadwallader@ballina.nsw.gov.au
Cr Keith Williams (Chair) - Ballina Shire Council nominee
(Risk and Audit Committee alternate councillor member)
Mobile:  0418 504 644
Email:  keith.williams@ballina.nsw.gov.au
Cr Basil Cameron - Byron Shire Council nominee
Mobile:  0427 664 754
Email:  basil.cameron@cr.byron.nsw.gov.au
Cr Simon Richardson - Byron Shire Council nominee
Phone:  (02) 6626 7000
Mobile:  0427 076 834
Email:  simon.richardson@cr.byron.nsw.gov.au
Cr Darlene Cook - Lismore City Council nominee
(Risk and Audit Committee primary councillor member)
Mobile:  0427 895 316
Email:  darlene.cook@lismore.nsw.gov.au
Cr Vanessa Ekins (Deputy Chair) - Lismore City Council nominee
(Chair, Reconciliation Action Plan Advisory Group)
Phone:  (02) 6624 5500
Email:  vanessa.ekins@lismore.nsw.gov.au
Cr Sandra Humphrys - Richmond Valley Council nominee
Mobile:  0401 473 489
Email:  sandra.humphrys@richmondvalley.nsw.gov.au
Cr Robert Mustow - Richmond Valley Council nominee
(Alternate Chair, Reconciliation Action Plan Advisory Group)
Mobile:  0407 624 224
Email:  robert.mustow@richmondvalley.nsw.gov.au