Flood resources

Business floodsafe plan

Develop a customised Business FloodSafe Plan with this web based toolkit to help you plan for floods that may affect your business.

Consisting of a series of self guided steps, this toolkit will help you to develop a plan that should form part of your Business Continuity Management Plan. Continuity management minimises the impact of situations that can prevent the business operating for extended periods of time.

Richmond River County Council newsletters

February 2018 - Issue 19

August 2015 - Issue 18

October 2014 - Issue 17

May 2014 - Issue 16

November 2013 - Issue 15


Acid Sulfate Soil - guidelines for works in areas of actual or potential acid sulfate soils in the Richmond catchment NSW.

Landowners seeking to excavate

Earthmoving contractors

Native vegetation plantings
Native vegetation on riverbanks and in wetlands is important for erosion control, water quality and terrestrial and aquatic habitat. This list provides some examples of native vegetation suitable for planting on riverbanks and in wetlands at freshwater sites in the Richmond Catchment.

Floodgate and Drain Guidelines – January 2015

Research papers

Artificial drainage of floodwaters from sulfidic backswamps, effects on deoxygenation in an Australian estuary (S. G. Johnston, P. G. Slavich, L. A. Sullivan, and P. Hirst)

Balancing the Roles of Flood Mitigation and Natural Resource Management Then (1959) and Now (2004) the Richmond River perspective (M. Wood, P. Slavich and P. Muldoon)

Blackwater and Fish Kills in the Richmond River Estuary (Anthony Moore)

Controls on water acidification and de-oxygenation in an estuarine waterway, eastern Australia (C. Lin, M. Wood, P. Haskins, T. Ryffel, J. Lin)

Deoxygenation Potential of the Richmond River Estuary Floodplain, Northern NSW, Australia (Bradley D. Eyre, Geoffrey Kerr, and Leigh A. Sullivan)

Extended time series measurements of submarine groundwater discharge tracers (222Rn and CH4) at a coastal site in Florida (Isaac R. Santos, Natasha Dimova, Richard N. Peterson, Benjamin Mwashote, Jeffrey Chanton, William C. Burnett)

Flood Emergency Decision Support System for Gold Coast City Council (David D. McConnell, Bruce M. Druery, and Khondker Rahman)

Managing Water Quality in the Richmond River Estuary, Australia (Damion Cavanagh, Brad Dalrymple, Michael Wood)

Mid-Holocene Development of Mangrove Communities Featuring Rhizophoraceae and Geomorphic Change in the Richmond River Estuary, New South Wales, Australia (Takehiko R. Hashimoto, Neil Saintilan, and Simon G. Haberle)

Radon and radium isotope assessment of submarine groundwater discharge in the Yellow River delta, China (Richard N. Peterson, William C. Burnett, Makoto Taniguchi, Jianyao Chen, Isaac R. Santos, and Tomotoshi Ishitobi)

Tidal pumping drives nutrient and dissolved organic matter dynamics in a Gulf of Mexico subterranean estuary (Isaac R. Santos, William C. Burnett, Thorsten Dittmar, I G.N.A. Suryaputra, Jeffrey Chanton)