160 Litre Challenge



A water saving challenge to reduce your use to less than 160 litres per person per day.

Northern Rivers' residents use approximately 194 litres of water per person per day on average. A rapidly growing population and more extreme weather conditions mean being water wise is more important than ever. Challenge your family or housemates over 30 days.

Take the 160 Litre Challenge

Step 1: Follow the 9 Neat Ways to Save Water.

Step 2: Think of new ways to save water. Follow us on Instagram @160litrechallenge for water saving tips.

9 Neat Ways to Save Water


How we use 160 litres of water in our household every day

Water use benchmark dual flush toilet uses 3-6 litres per flush

Indoor use
Shower Water efficient shower head
4-minute shower
6-9 litres per minute
24-36 litres
Standard showerhead
4-minute shower
12-22 litres per minute
48-88 litres
Running tap Standard
3-star efficient
6-star efficient

2-4 litres per minute

Drinking and cooking Rinsing vegetables, kitchen use 6-8 litres per person
Washing machine 3-star efficient 80 litres per load
Dishwasher 2-star efficient
6-star efficient
20 litres per load
10 litres per load
Washing dishes by hand   15-20 litres
Outdoor use
Washing car Hose
150-300 litres
30-100 litres (3-10 buckets)
Running hose Without trigger nozzle 20 litres per minute

* Indicative amounts only. Each appliance, showerhead and residence may vary. Check product capacity for accurate water use.

Why save water in the Northern Rivers?

The Northern Rivers is one the fastest growing regions in Australia, and although our region enjoys a high average rainfall;

  • Our population is rapidly growing; and
  • Extreme weather conditions are increasing.

Rainfall is less reliable. Hot days are more frequent. 95% of NSW is in drought or drought affected.

Based on the region's current water usage rate, by 2024 demand on our water supply at Rocky Creek Dam is estimated to exceed the region's secure yield.

With simple changes to our everyday water use, a small reduction of between 20-40 litres per person per day (on average) can make a huge difference to the future of our water supply.

Help our community secure the future of our local water supply at Rocky Creek Dam and preserve our precious water resources in this region.

You'll be saving money on your water and electricity bills too!

Why save water in the Northern Rivers?


3 benefits of saving water now

  1. Reducing water use will also reduce energy consumption.
  2. Simple changes can save you money on water and electricity bills.
  3. Reducing demand on the region’s water source, Rocky Creek Dam, will delay water restrictions and the need for new infrastructure.

Let's work together as a community and take action now! Reduce water use to less than 160 litres per person per day.

Did you know:
A dripping tap can waste around 20,000 litres of water per year, which is around $70 down the drain!
Fix leaking taps ... save water and money.

Fix the Drip




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